Civil Disobedience

Civil Disobedience

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SAAB Microwave Becoming2 Ploughshares
disarmed military radar and parts of Test Range at SAAB Micowaves in Sweden
Thursday June 26, 2008

Per Herngren and Ulla Røder climbed over the fence at SAAB Microwave’s test range at Mölndal, Sweden on June 24 and 26, 2008, and planted fig trees in the area around the factory.  Using blacksmith hammers, they started to disarm military radar and parts of the test range.  They spoke to workers and guards about their intent until police arrived and arrested them half an hour later.

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Pictures of theploughshares action




Read Per Herngren’s whole book on Internet:
Path of Resistance The practice of Civil disobedience (214p)

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Per Herngren is active in the plowshares movement which nonviolently disarms weapons using hammers inspired by Mike 4:2-4. Beat the sword into plowshares. Mostly, he writes in Swedish, but here is some of his English texts on nonviolence. He has published one book in English on civil disobedience:Path of Resistance (Per Herngren, 1993, p 214, New Society Publishers, ISBN USA 0-86571-253-0)