Texts on nonviolence and resistance

Civil disobedience without protest – postprotest

“I never intend to adjust myself to the tragic inequalities of an economic system which takes necessities from the masses to give luxuries to the classes. I never intend to become adjusted to the madness of militarism and the self-defeating method of physical violence.”

Martin Luther King
Highlander Institute for activists in 1957

Texts on civil disobedience

Thoreau: Civil Disobedience – 1849
Discourse on Voluntary Servitude – 1548
The Tyranny of Structurelessness
Emma Goldman: Against Mass Movement
Deleuze and becoming resistance
Civil disobedience Duty rather than a right
Albert Einstein – Obedience or intervention
Overcome Masculine Oppression Bill Moyers
Plowshares movement
Manual for Civil Disobedience
Postprotest Resistance


Texts by Per Herngren
Kurdish, Polish

Arabic, Spanish, Dutch


“How many protesters does it take to convert a president?
“Only one, but the president has to got to want to change.”
“So no need for mass actions!”