Plowshares movement

Disarming using hammers

Since the Plowshares Eight action, 1980, others, acting in community, have entered military bases and weapons facilities and have symbolically and actually disarmed components of weapons systems: the MX, Perishing II, Cruise, Minuteman ICBM’s, Trident II missiles, Trident submarines, B-52 bombers, P-3 Orion anti-submarine aircraft, the Navstar system, the ELF communication system, the Milstar satellite system, a nuclear capable battleship and the Aegis destroyer. Combat aircraft used for military intervention such as the F-111 fighter bomber, the F-15A fighter, the F-18 bomber, the A-10 Warthog, the Hawk aircraft, as well as combat helicopters and other conventional weapons, including aircraft missile launchers, bazookas, grenade throwers, and AK-5 automatic rifles, have been disarmed.

People who have been involved in plowshares actions have undertaken a process of intense resistance preparation, nonviolence training and community formation, and have given careful consideration to the risks involved.

Plowshares activists, accepting full responsibility for their actions, remain at the site of their action so that they can publicly explain their witness.

Texts on plowshares and civil disobedience

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Texts by Per Herngren
Kurdish, Polish

Arabic, Spanish, Dutch

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