Ploughshares trial 2009

Invitation to

the SAAB Microwave Becoming2 Ploughshares trial
and the Hope & Resistance festival

31 March to 1st April, 2009, in Gothenburg, Sweden

On April 1st, 2009, Ulla Røder and Per Herngren will be standing trial for disarming parts of the test range and a military radar. The ploughshares disarmament happened on June 24 and 26, 2008, at Saab Microwave factories in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The ploughshares group calling themselves SAAB Microwave Becoming2 Ploughshares did their action together with Deleuze philosophy seminars in Gothenburg. The philosophers additionally took part in the intervention. Becoming resistance, becoming justice, and the becoming of becoming, are important parts of the philosophy of Deleuze.

Hope & Resistance Festival

A ploughshares trial is to create a resistance community – there are no spectators. Lizzie and Les from the British ploughshares will bring art tools to make the trial into an art workshop. The day before the trial we start with a party! So you are invited and welcome to participate in the Hope & Resistance Festival from March 31  – April 1st 2009 in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Please contact Per Herngren at the following email address: Contact: herngrenper(-at-)

Potluck and Resistance techniques in biology

In the potluck supper on March 31st, the evening before the trail starts, the biologist Adam Brenthel will be reflecting with us on “What can ploughshares learn from resistance in biology and in the body”. (this is regarding seed ideas like; cascades, creating niche spaces, implanting, singularities, non-linear dynamics, rhizome, etc.)

More from the disarmament action

See pictures and read more about the ploughshares disarmament at Microwave.


The organisers of the disarmament intervention and the trial support come from the Fig-Tree Jona House Resistance Community in Gothenburg, Deleuze seminars and also the local Fellowship of Reconciliation, Sweden.

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